aul B. Sturtevant, Ph.D. is an author, an historian, and a consultant. He is an expert on the public’s perception of the past, and has explored how education, museums, and popular culture shape how we understand the past and the present.

His historical subject speciality is the Middle Ages; his Ph.D. from the University of Leeds (UK) developed a new evidence-based approach to understanding how people understand the medieval world, and how their historical consciousness affects their worldview. He has since gone on to publish numerous articles in books and journals, and to provide keynotes, invited lectures, and conference presentations at venues around the world.

He has also appeared as an historical expert on a BBC4 documentary and on BBC radio, has been quoted for the BBC magazine and has had articles published in several popular venues.*

He currently works as a social scientist for the Smithsonian Institution, and is editor-in-chief of The Public Medievalist, a web-publication that brings the latest research on the enduring legacy of the Middle Ages to a broader public.