Dr. Sturtevant is the principal of a small consulting firm called History for the People. History for the People provides historical research, audience evaluation, writing, and qualitative research services for the heritage, humanities, and non-profit sectors. His prior clients have included:

The Smithsonian Institution

History for the People has provided research services for over 30 Smithsonian Institution projects, working particularly with the Office of Policy and Analysis’ audience research wing as well as the Office of Visitor Services. Dr. Sturtevant has studied the visitor experience at all of the largest DC-SI museums (Air and Space, Natural History, and American History), as well as in depth projects at the Freer|Sackler galleries, the Hirshhorn gallery, the National Museum of the American Indian and the Anacostia Community Museum.

The US Capitol: Capitol Visitors’ Center

Dr. Sturtevant has provided audience research for the US Capitol Visitor Center in conjunction with the Smithsonian Office of Policy and Analysis on a major multi-year project. Dr. Sturtevant has conducted extensive qualitative interviews and written reports evaluating every aspect of the CVC’s visitor-facing operations.

The Empire State Building

History for the People, in conjunction with Thinc Design, conducted a major audience experience study for the Empire State Building’s visitor services. This study was used extensively by the designers of the new Empire State Building visitor experience.

American Historical Association

Dr. Sturtevant used data mined from the American Community Survey to complete a study of the lives of history majors for the American Historical Associations. His findings were used in the AHA’s Why Study History? campaign, and are to be published in Perspectives on History.

Red’s True Barbecue

Dr. Sturtevant researched and wrote a comprehensive look at the history of American-style barbecue for a popular UK-based barbecue restaurant chain. A digest of his report has been published in the Telegraph newspaper, and published as the introduction to the Red’s cookbook.

Interfaith Alliance

History for the People provided qualitative research analysis for an Interfaith Alliance project looking at so-called “religious freedom restoration” bills across the United States. Dr. Sturtevant provided a coding rubric and a thematic analysis of a wide range of these bills to assist Interfaith Alliance in the development of a RFRA analysis tool for their members.

Thinc Design

Dr. Sturtevant has worked with Thinc Design, a New York-based design firm, on several projects. Most recently, he provided intense historical research on the ACA and the Iran Nuclear deal for Thinc’s proposal for the Obama Presidential Library. He has also worked with them at the Empire State Building, and on a study of Islamophobia among American teens.