Talks Dr. Sturtevant has given over forty public lectures, keynote speeches, and conference presentations at Universities, museums, and heritage sites across the United States and in Europe. Paul has spoken on a wide range of subjects– most often on various aspects of the public understanding of the medieval past, but also on his work on The Public Medievalist, or on the visitor experience at musuems and heritage sites.

Paul’s core philosophy when it comes to giving presentations is that the medium matters. All too often, academics take being boring in their presentations as a mark of their seriousness, as a weird sort of badge of scholarly honor. Paul finds this deeply frustrating. As such, he has always tried to inject humor, thoughtful discussion, and as much audience participation as possible into his presentations. Because really, who wants to sit through yet another boring talk?

To help combat this, Paul has also run workshops for academics and Ph.D. students in presentation skills. These workshops focused on structuring a good presentation, vocal and physical skills, and eliminating “death by PowerPoint.”